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With the Anders Library card you get access to the collections of Halsua, Kannus, Kaustinen, Kokkola, Lestijärvi and Toholampi libraries.

You can borrow from every branch and use the web library. You can return your loans free of charge to any Anders Library you like. You can make reservations from every Anders Library and collect them from your own library. Reservations are free. Select the library you wish to collect the item from in the Pick-up branch menu.

All reservations made in Anders Libraries are placed in the same queue. You don't have to select an item from a certain library; you will receive the first available item. If the item you reserved is already available at the pick-up branch, it will be reserved for you there. You will be notified via email, post or SMS when the reserved material can be picked up.

Anders Libraries have common loan periods and fees for overdue items. You can pay your fees in any branch you wish.
Welcome to the Anders Libraries!

Library card

As a patron of Anders Libraries you can use every Anders Library, including the library of your home municipality. You can get an Anders Library card in any Anders Library branch.

A library card is needed in order to borrow library materials. You can obtain a library card by presenting your identification card and stating your name, address and identity number. The given information will be saved in the Library´s customer register. Everyone has the right to examine the data concerning themselves in the database (Henkilötietolaki 523/1999, 10§).

A commitment is required from a person in charge for a person who is under 15 years of age or otherwise legally incompetent, and for a community borrower (a school, day-care centre, an institution or other community). The person in charge must prove his or her identity by presenting a photo ID and state his or her personal identification number and contact information.

The library card is a personal document whose holder (the owner or person in charge) is responsible for all materials borrowed on the card. The first library card is free of charge. A lost card and any change of address or name must be reported to the Library without delay. The customer is held responsible for the material borrowed on the lost card until the Library has been notified of the loss of the card.

The library card and a PIN code authorize the customer to use the web library. The customer receives a PIN code by presenting his or her library card and proof of identity.

The electronic library card can be found from your account information in the online library after you have signed in.

Borrowing, renewing and returning

At Anders-Finna you can search and reserve material, renew your loans and check your own information. You need a library card and a PIN code for logging in to the web library. You can get the library card and the PIN code in any Anders Library.

We obey age ratings in movies and games and they will not be loaned to a customer who is not old enough. You can find more information about the classification of games and movies in Classification of Audiovisual Programmes.

A loan can normally be extended, provided that the item has not been reserved by another borrower. The library has the right to limit the number of times that a loan is extended. Loans can be renewed in Anders web library, at your library or by telephone.

You are in charge of renewing or returning your loans on time. If the user has stated their email address to the database, an email reminder will be sent from the library when the due date of the loans draw near. Regardless of whether you’ve received an email reminder or not, you are still responsible for renewing and returning your loans, if you want to avoid late fees and/or collection charges. You can return your loans free of charge to any Anders Library you wish.

When the library is closed, loans can be returned to the after-hours book-drop, but at the user's own risk. If you return your loan to the after-hours book-drop, the loan will not be returned until the library is open.


Reservations can be made for library material both on shelves and out of loan. Anders-Finna's search function can be used freely, but if you wish to reserve material or access your information (your loans, reservations etc.), a library card number and a PIN code are needed. You can obtain a library card and a PIN code by presenting your identification card at the library.

You can make a reservation at the library, by telephone or by the web library. Reservations are free of charge. Reservation that have not been fetched will be charged for 2€. (Only in Kokkola city library.)

The Anders Libraries have a shared reservation queue, which means when one reserves an item, the actual item can come from any of the Anders Libraries. The library can send you a notification about your reservations via e-mail, sms-message or letter mail, by one's choosing. You can choose the means of notifications at the library customer service desk.

Some of our libraries use self-serve reservation pick up. In the notification message there’s a number code that you can use to find your reservation from the reservations shelf. Please, remember to borrow your reserved items.


Fees are dependent on the library in question. You can check your local library fee policy from their respective webpages.

Kannus library fees (in Finnish)

Kaustinen library fees (in Finnish)

Kokkola library fees

Toholampi library fees (in Finnish)

There is no fee from overdue children or youths' materials. Notifications from outstanding items will be charged. Loaning, reserving and renewing your loans is prohibited if your charges are 10 € or more. An invoice from outstanding items will be sent after two months. If the invoice is left unpaid or the item is outstanding, the library will move the invoice to a collection office.

If the material is lost or damaged, the material should be replaced or compensated with replacing the item or the stated value. You cannot substitute a similar item for a video cassette, BD disc, DVD disc or console game. These must always be compensated for by paying the price stated.


Anders Libraries offer different e-materials for customers use. Some of the materials are usable at home, some are only accessible on libraries' publicly available computers or on our WiFi.

Ellibs e-books and e-audiobooks

Biblio e-books and e-audiobooks

Finnish magazines. You can read the magazines home when you log in with your library card and PIN code. Also usable on library computers or on the library WiFi.

Finnish newspapers. Only usable on library computers or on the library WiFi.

Naxos Music Library - classical music

Free e-materials

These e-materials are freely accessible from anywhere without login information.



Kansalliskirjaston aineistot


Informaatikon vinkit

Genius loci - Paikan henki. Seikkailua historiallisella Keski-Pohjanmaalla


Viittomakielinen kirjasto

Acquisition proposal

If the item you are looking for cannot be found in Anders Libraries collections you can make an acquisition proposal. You can do it here.

Interlibrary loans

If the material you are looking for is not in the Anders Libraries collection, one can order the item from libraries in Finland and from abroad. Interlibrary loans have a fee that is dependent on the library you order it from.

When submitting an interlibrary loan request, the customer agrees to pay these fees.

If you want to make an interlibrary loan request, you can do it here.

Self service libraries and self service

You can visit the self-service libraries also outside the library's regular opening hours. You can get in by registering with your library card and PIN code and filing a self-service agreement.

During the self-service hours, there is no customer service, but you can borrow and return your items using the automated self-services. Publicly available computers are at your use too. You can check for the self-service hours in Anders-Finna and the libraries' own webpages.

Self-service libraries are currently available in Kokkola city library and Lohtaja, Koivuhaka, Halsua, Kannus, Kaustinen, Lestijärvi and Toholampi library.

Accessible library

Celia-library services

Celia is a national center for accessible literature and publishing in Finland, working towards equality in reading and learning. Celia belongs to the administrative sector of the Ministry of Education and Culture.


Data protection

The library’s register of library users is a person register in compliance with the Finnish law of personal data. It is only used for monitoring the library’s lending processes and no information from it is given to third parties. Social security numbers are used only in situations connected with the granting of library card and the revoking of borrowing rights.

Anders-libraries collections and your personal information:

Andersin tietosuojaseloste in Finnish

Andersin tietosuojaseloste in easy to read Finnish.

Finna Data protection